Paint Vitrification

Creates a protective shield on the paint, bringing life and intensifying the shine!

With the exclusive technique and highly qualified workmanship of Acquazero Vitrification, the painting receives a liquid coat, which creates a protective shield and intensifies the shine.

Unlike anything you’ve seen on the market, this exclusive Acquazero service lasts for up to three years. It creates protection against the wear of the paint over time or caused by small accidents, such as knocks and light bumps.

More than 200 million liters of water saved so far!

+ About Acquazero Paint Vitrification

Why choose Acquazero?

Acquazero is a consolidated and recognized brand in the world. It is present in Brazil, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

We care about your future! All our products are biodegradable and we have a unique and sustainable cleaning method that uses only 300ml of water to clean a car.

In addition to automotive cleaning for all types of vehicles, vessels, armored vehicles, aircraft, you can also count on cleaning, sanitizing and waterproofing residential upholstery in general.

What our clients say

I am totally satisfied with the provided service and its quality. I highly recommend it.

Jadson Candido Belo Horizonte - MG

The inside of my car turned into another. I loved the waterproofing and cleaning services, I always recommend it.

João Paulo Campinas - SP

After I met the Acquazero services my car is grateful and so am I.

Aline Martins Belo Horizonte - MG

I'm passionate about cars, after I discovered Acquazero I won't go anywhere else, all the services I've booked I was surprised. You need to know.

Pablo Ferreira São Paulo - SP

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