The Definitive Guide: everything to know about automotive aesthetics

Automotive aesthetic services can be great allies for cars, motorcycles and trucks.

After all, these procedures will benefit something beyond the appearance of the vehicle.

With the aesthetic services performed correctly, the auto will gain in life time. This happens since its maintenance slows down wear and prevents problems.

Let’s go to the first benefit of automotive aesthetics: beauty. Who doesn’t like to use a car shining so clean? An attractive look increases the well-being of the driver and his passengers, doesn’t it?

Already thinking about the maintenance of the vehicle, the service of automotive aesthetics can help in several ways.

For example, cleaning the engine, preventing dirt from impairing its operation.


Having the windshield clean also prevents scratches on the surface; keeping the inside of the car sanitized prevents corrosion of its components, and so on.

In addition, automotive aesthetics is a way to ensure vehicle safety. For example: through it, you can create a water-repellent layer on the windshield. 

That way, even during heavy rain, you will have good visibility from the road. Much more safety to drive and reach your destination without any problems.

Automotive aesthetics deserve care

It is always important to perform aesthetic services in the right way. With care, with the right products.

Otherwise, the expected effect may be quite the opposite. Have you ever thought about leaving a corrosive product in the bodywork, after applying it the wrong way? The damage to the car’s appearance could be great.

That said, it is important that you know what you are doing. It has been a long time since the car’s aesthetics stopped being just washing it with soap and water.

There are several important services for any vehicle. So, if you want to do them at home, you must do a lot of research.

It can be reading texts like this, watching videos on Youtube or even taking training courses.

Therefore, do not believe that automotive aesthetics comes down to simple procedures.

With the evolution of technology and products, services can even be easy to perform. However, you will only get good results on the vehicle if you perform the procedures properly.

Another tip is to look for companies specialized in the subject . Today, several brands have services developed exclusively for car care.

Thus, choosing the right procedures will guarantee the car much more satisfactory results.

Below, we talk about some of the main automotive aesthetic services performed today. Keep reading!

11 automotive aesthetics services to know

There are several services that take care of automotive details in the market. Especially because the different components of a vehicle deserve specialized care. Thus, its durability is enhanced.

If you want to work with this type of service, you will need to be trained. After all, as we mentioned before, vehicle aesthetics need to be careful and made with the appropriate products.

Therefore, you will need to invest in a differentiated car wash . By strengthening your knowledge of the subject, it will be easier to attract customers to your business.

Now, if your goal is just to rely on these solutions, as a consumer, you will have several options for service providers . But remember to check the brand’s reputation. 

This will give you more assurance that that aesthetic center has good results to offer your vehicle. Whether for a car, motorcycle, truck or even planes and boats.

It will also be important to know what procedures you can count on so that car care is enhanced.

For this reason, we have listed below some of the main automotive services in the market. 

1. Headlight polishing

Polishing a vehicle’s headlights serves two main purposes. Starting by improving the look of the car. 

Over time, the headlights and lanterns tend to fade, look dull and look unpleasant. Therefore, polishing eliminates this appearance, making them return to the original beautiful look.

The second effect of the service is to lighten the lenses. As a result, the light from the headlights and taillights will illuminate more powerfully.

Thus, the driver can more easily view the road, which increases his safety and that of other individuals in traffic.

It is recommended to perform this service periodically in the car. In this way, it will be simpler to remove dirt and scratches, preventing them from accumulating.

2. External cleaning

The external cleaning of a vehicle today goes beyond soap and water in many car washes. The products are more technological and often even help to save water.

For example, Acquazero performs this cleaning with just 300 ml of water. With this amount, next to a wax, made of Carnaúba, the entire external part of the vehicle is finished quickly.

This type of care can prevent stains and damage to the paint. The accumulation of dirt can also cause scratches and accelerated deterioration of surfaces.

3. Internal cleaning of the car

The internal cleaning of a vehicle extends the service life of all accessories. Therefore, care is taken with the dashboard, steering wheel, gear, seat belts and others.

In addition to taking care of surfaces, cleaning improves the quality of use of the car. This is because, with the dirt removed, the air quality inside the vehicle also gains. 

Not to mention that the look of the interior of the car becomes much more pleasant. Apparent dirt can bother a lot of people.

4. Crystallization of glass

Among all automotive aesthetics services, the crystallization of glass is one that guarantees greater security for the consumer.

This is because the procedure consists of “waterproofing” the car’s windshield.

After service, water is repelled from the glass. Thus, even during heavy rain, the driver’s visibility is guaranteed. 

Crystallization can also be carried out on the other windows of the vehicle. Then, if the driver wants, the procedure will be extended to the windows and the rear window of the car. 

With crystallization, the glasses are also protected against marine salinity, splashes of asphalt, dust, insects and other dirt that could adhere to the surface.

Do you want to know a little more about crystallization and how to do it at home or in your business? Then, follow the video we selected below, with the service step by step.

5. Cleaning and hydrating leather seats

The leather seats of a vehicle deserve special attention. This is because the material dries out and fades over time and the accumulation of dirt.

Therefore, the cleaning and hydration of the surfaces must be done periodically. With the proper process, the leather is cleaned and its PH is balanced.

The care still offers a soft touch to the leather, because it recovers its natural moisture. There is even a decrease in surface creaking.

6. Mirroring of paint

Mirroring is a process that removes scratches from the car and makes your paint brighter.

At the same time, it eliminates and prevents wear caused by the sun, flower pollen, animal feces and other dirt.

For this care, the vehicle receives a well applied varnish layer. Its effects last for about six months. So, it is important to maintain the periodicity of the service.

7. Cleaning the air conditioner

Cleaning the car’s air conditioning is another automotive aesthetic service that improves the well-being of the driver and his passengers.

With hygienization, the air filters are cleaned and disinfected. Thus, dust mites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust and other dirt accumulated in the equipment are eliminated. 

Not to mention the bad smell of the space, which is easily eliminated by the service. All this care prevents allergies and respiratory irritations, on the skin and mucous membranes. 

It is worth saying that cleaning the air conditioning also helps to keep the equipment running. Accumulated dirt and moisture can cause the appliance to burn and cause a high expense for its replacement.

8. Technical engine cleaning

The technical cleaning of the engine prevents dirt from impairing its operation. To avoid damage, cleaning the engine is usually done by hand, using brushes and biodegradable products.

Cleaning is performed at the top of the engine, including its block and housing.

9. Oxy-sanitization

The oxy-sanitization service is performed using ozone gas. Ozone is a natural sanitizer 200 times stronger than chlorine in its cleaning capacity.

Through this procedure, bacteria, viruses and fungi are eliminated. Soon, a series of health problems are prevented, in addition to enhancing air quality. 

Oxy-sanitization also eliminates unpleasant odors, such as the smell of cigarettes, liquids and spilled food, vomiting and others.

Its advantages also include the easy application of ozone and the handling of the equipment.

Blue-gloved hands hold an oxy-sanitization device.  Automotive aesthetic text illustration.
Oxy-sanitization serves to decontaminate the air inside the vehicle.

10. Paint glazing

This differentiated service is a novelty in the car aesthetics market. During vitrification, a liquid layer coats the bodywork, forming a shield for the painting.

This layer closes the varnish pores on the body, protecting it from dust and natural wear and tear.

The treatment also protects the paint against wear and tear caused by small scratches and climate changes, such as rain and sunlight.

In addition, the treatment adds an extra shine to the tint of the bodywork. In this way, the glazing of the paint provides the vehicle with a renewed look, which will last for a longer time.

11. Cleaning of acid rain

Acid rain is common in places close to urban centers. The phenomenon occurs when rainwater mixes with polluting gases that come from industries and cars.

Sometime after the rain, the water evaporates in the windows and bodywork of vehicles and what remains is the contaminants.

These elements do not come out in a conventional wash and leave the paint stained, even corroding it.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a service to remove the effects caused by the phenomenon.

The treatment eliminates these stains caused by the acidity present in the pollutants that are on the surface of the vehicles. With this, the service helps to guarantee the service life of the bodywork.

Why do car styling services?

Typically, conventional car washes just wash the car. Often, what happens in these establishments is the dirt being rubbed in the bodywork, together with the water and the foam.

This can scratch, scratch and make swirl marks on the bodywork. Over time, the paint can become matte and accumulate contaminants that corrode the paint and metal.

Blue metallic and silver cars, face to face.  Illustrative image aesthetic text of cars.
Dry cleaning offers less risk to the body than washing with water and foam.

While the vehicle dries in the open, the sun’s rays can stain the paint by reacting with water and cleaning products. In addition, there is a risk of water damaging parts of the vehicle’s mechanics.

On the other hand, a car aesthetic service offers a complete treatment, with a variety of options for your vehicle.

They are safe solutions and leave not only the bodywork of your car shining, but also take care of windows, plastics, headlights, upholstery, etc.

The establishments specializing in car aesthetics have trained personnel, who use modern equipment and quality products.

In addition, depending on the services requested, your vehicle is ready in less time than conventional washing.

Know where to make your car’s automotive aesthetics

When using or investing in automotive aesthetics, it is very important that you know what you really want to count on.

As you have seen, the services vary, and there are still many others available on the market. Acquazero alone, for example, offers more than 15 aesthetic services for the car. 

Not to mention that the services are also used for motorcycles, trucks, aircraft and boats. Each of these vehicles can count on extra services, to care for its specific components.

Created in 2009, Acquazero is a company specialized in vehicle and environment cleaning services.

Currently, the chain has more than 400 units and is the largest in the world in the ecological cleaning segment. In addition to Brazil, the brand is present in the United States and the Dominican Republic.

All units follow the quality standard established by the company. In them, it is possible to find aesthetic solutions for cars, fleets, vessels and aircraft, as well as homes, companies and industries.

Hand using smartphone.  Illustrative image aesthetic text of cars.
Acquazero has an e-commerce and its own application.

Download the app or log into e-commerce and find Acquazero closer to you! Access, and choose the date and time for your service. Take care of your car!

So, did you have any doubts about automotive aesthetics? Leave your comment in the space below and we will be happy to explain the information you think is important.