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You want to take care of your car? Download the Acquazero app and register.


An APP Created thinking of you

  • Download the Acquazero app
  • Create a login
  • Register your data and car license plate
  • Indicate the address at which the delivery service will be performed
  • Choose services
  • Select acquazero provider
  • Schedule the day and time of the service
  • Pay through your own app

Start now:



See how easy it is

Set location

  • Select the service mode: Store or Delivery.
  • In-store service, you will be directed to the nearest unit.
  • In the Delivery service, simply enter the address and number of the place where you want to be attended.

Select the Service

Now you will see the full list of services and a brief description of each of them. Just select the ones you want and proceed to the next screen.

Schedule a Schedule

The calendar will display which days are available.
Choose the best day and time to receive the professional in the agreed place.

Wait and Relax

Now relax and wait quietly. A ACQUAZERO professional will assist you on the day and scheduled time.

Download acquazero's APP