Acquazero is a franchise network specialized in Ecological Cleaning and Automotive Aesthetics. Associated with ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association), the company was born in 2009, in the State of São Paulo.

In addition to automotive services, the company offers services for fleets, vessels, aircraft and residential services.

They are services that keep vehicles and environments clean and with the use of environmentally friendly products. They do not attack the vehicle or space, let alone the environment.

The company works with solutions for cleaning, conservation and restoration, with quality, social responsibility and respect for the environment. That is, concerned with nature, the network adopts an ecologically correct, professional and distinct posture in the market.

All Acquazero units have trained professionals with extensive experience in the Automotive Aesthetics segment.

Services offered to consumers also include waxing, crystallization of glasses, technical engine cleaning, acid rain removal and many others from the catalog.

With the brand app, the user can schedule their services, optimizing their time and receiving service at home or at work.

Part of the holding company Find Your Franchise, the network has units spread throughout Brazil. Today, the brand’s head of business is located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.


Ecological cleaning for every need


Car, Motorcycle, Van, Truck, Bus ...


Sofa, Carpet, Carpet, Mattress ...


Airplane, Helicopter ...


Speedboats, boats ...