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Automotive Services

Limpeza Ecológica


Acquazero’s ecological cleaning with wax compound does not harm the paintwork, which is protected against aging and is biodegradable.

From $70



Our Super Wax creates a protective film over the bodywork, sealing the paint’s micropores. As a result, there is less damage from the sun’s rays.

From $110

Plastics Revitalization


Acquazero’s revitalization of plastics brings life and a more attractive look to pieces that are exposed to the sun and rain, fading over time.

From $30

Paint Polishing


Cars with stained paintwork deserve paint polishing. The process also revives the color and shine of the bodywork, in addition to eliminating scratches.

From $500

Leather Hydration


Acquazero’s leather cleaning and hydration process balances the PH. The product used is based on natural oils from the leather itself, eliminating creaks.

From $40

Fabrics Waterproofing


Acquazero waterproofing super protects the fabric, brings greater durability and prevents the emergence of mold and bacteria.

From $200



Oxy-sanitization is a process that totally eliminates unpleasant odors, such as cigarette smell, vomit, accidental spillage of liquids and food.

From $200

Trunk Cleaning


Prevent your bags from getting dirty, or the trunk smelling bad. Complete dry cleaning that eliminates all dirt and bacteria.

From $80

Child Seat Cleaning


The complete cleaning and sanitization of the child seat eliminates dirt, bad smell and bacteria that can harm the baby or child.

From $180

Paint Crystallization


Crystallization brings the paint back to life with a much more intense shine, removing micro scratches and providing lasting protection against aging.

From $350

Paint Mirroring


Acquazero’s “Super Wax” creates a protective film on the bodywork, sealing the paint’s micro pores. It is ideal for cars with a more worn shine.

From $250

Paint Vitrification


Acquazero’s exclusive service. It creates protection against the wear of the paint over time or caused by small accidents, such as knocks and light bumps.

From $1000

Interior do carro

Internal Plastics Revitalization


The Acquazero revitalization of plastics brings life and a more attractive look to pieces that fade over time.

From $60

Glass Vitrification


The Acquazero cleaning and maintenance on the windows prevents heavy dirt from settling and improves visibility. Decreases the need for frequent cleaning.

From $150

Paint Decontamination


Acquazero paint decontamination removes contaminants that leave paintwork rough, looking like sandpaper.

From $250

Headlight polishing


Polishing removes asphalt spatter, surface scratches and opacity, increasing its lightening capability.

From $50

Technical Engine Cleaning


Cleaning the engine is done manually, with brushes and biodegradable products. Without the use of water, the items do not harm the engine and guarantee the maintenance of its functions.

From $100

Internal Sanitation


Interior cleaning consists of a detailed cleaning, including upholstered ceiling, panel, door sides, carpet and trunk, enhancing the color of the fabrics.

From $400

Air Conditioning Sanitation


Cleaning the air conditioning deeply cleans the air circulation system, protecting it against different types of fungi, mold and bacteria that cause bad smell.

From $80

Acid Rain Removal


Acid rain can cause a series of stains on the vehicle’s bodywork and windows. Acquazero recovers the look of the car and eliminates the damage caused by this phenomenon.

From $30

Residential Services

Sofa cleaning and Sanitation


Acquazero’s cleaning process has a deeper action and is effective in eliminating mold, bacteria, mites and other microorganisms that affect health.

From $160

Sofa waterproofing


Acquazero waterproofing is a process that closes the wefts of the fabric, making it difficult for liquids to infiltrate, and therefore preserves the effects of sanitation.

From $210

Armchair Cleaning and Sanitation


Leave your armchairs like new! Acquazero’s cleaning expresses care, removing all microorganisms that cause diseases, such as mold, bacteria and mites.


From $125

Chair Cleaning and Sanitizing


Acquazero cleaning and sanitizing removes stains and deep dirt, bringing its original beauty and prolonging the durability of your upholstery. Count on us to take care of everything for you.

From $170

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitation


Cleaning the Acquazero mattress provides greater durability, prevents the proliferation of mites and, consequently, allergic and respiratory crises, which contributes to a good night’s sleep and without sneezing.

From $60

Carpet Cleaning and Sanitation


Acquazero cleaning ensures greater durability and beauty for carpets, removes the microorganisms that cause these diseases, such as mold, bacteria and mites, bringing balance to the environment.

From $22

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What our clients says

I am totally satisfied with the provided service and its quality. I highly recommend it.

Jadson Candido Belo Horizonte - MG

My couch simply became another one! I loved the impermeabilization and sanitation service. I've already spoken to my friends..

Darlene Soares Contagem - MG

After I met the Acquazero services my car is grateful and so am I.

Aline Martins Belo Horizonte - MG


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