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The flagship of Acquazero is ecological cleaning, carried out with just 300 ml of water. But in addition to it, the company offers many other automotive conservation and restoration services. Always using high quality biodegradable products. Our MISSION It is, through a responsible attitude towards environmental issues, to provide sustainable solutions for the cleaning and aesthetics of automotive vehicles. Acquazero values ​​excellence in the provision of automotive cleaning services and kindness in service.

We also innovate for your convenience. To book your appointment, delivery or in-store, you can access our e-commerce.

Just choose the day and time, service and where the service will be performed. Discover our services and schedule your car, home, boat or even aircraft care!




The environment thanks you. For each car washed, 320 liters of water are saved.




Acquazero is constantly expanding, with units in all regions of Brazil and the USA. Acquazero invests in innovation and quality!




Created in 2009, Acquazero appeared on the market with the proposal of ecological automotive cleaning with the use minimum of water (300 ml).


What Our Customers Say

Bruno Miranda Gainesville - Florida

I am totally satisfied with the quality of the service and the service provided.

Karoline Rios Gainesville - Florida

Excellent service. Punctuality and quality service.

Debora Ribeiro Gainesville - Florida

Respect for the environment and excellent service.


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You can also schedule Acquazero residential services!

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Common questions

Ecological cleaning is the flagship of Acquazero. The service is performed with only 300 ml of water and a carnauba wax. When the product is applied, it acts by softening the dirt, facilitating the removal without the danger of scratching or scratching the paint. Through the Acquazero technique, the car is clean, waxed and protected against the evils of the weather. Cleaning with the wax compound does not harm the paint and is biodegradable. After the treatment, the painting of your vehicle will obtain shine and a non-stick and water-repellent protective film. In addition to ecological cleaning, Acquazero offers services such as internal hygiene, air-conditioning cleaning, waxing, headlight polishing and many others. Access our list of services.

Make the appointment to take care of your CAR or your HOME, with Acquazero’s residential services! You can access e-commerce and schedule your service right now. Access to the website is available on a computer, cell phone, tablet or any other device. It is possible to pay for services directly on the App, or to the washer, at the time of service. In addition to scheduling to care for your car, you can take advantage of Acquazero’s residential services! Hygienization and Waterproofing of: Sofa, Chairs, Armchairs and Mattress.

Acquazero offers services for the car, motorcycles, trucks, boats and aircraft, as well as residential services. Residential care includes the cleaning of mattresses, rugs, carpets, leather and upholstered surfaces, in addition to waterproofing all these surfaces.

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